Low-Code Platform
for your business apps

Build your interfaces by drag'n'drop; Connect with APIs; Draw your model with the dynamic interpretation engine. Everything is there to build your applications, from the simplest to the most complex needs..

You wish...

  • + GDPR

    You do not have a clear vision on the ownership, location, use and access to private data on your information system?

  • - Shadow IT

    Because of the need for reactivity, your businesses choose solutions without consulting you and then ask you to take care of them?

  • + Innovation

    Your time and money are cannibalized by the management of an often obsolete and heterogeneous existing?

  • + Productivity

    Are you overwhelmed by IT evolutions and the pace imposed by new business practices?

  • + ROI

    Can't rationalize your costs without sacrificing quality?

  • + Homogeneity

    Can't maintain as many skills as there are technologies on your IT system ?

  • + Integration

    Your software doesn't connect or hardly connects with the rest of your ecosystem?

  • + Agility

    Do you see gaps in your organisation and want to put agility back at the centre of your business?

Map your data with Simplicité

Master the lifecycle of your data.

Identify your data to find out who uses what, when and how.

Constitute your IT knowledge tool.

Free yourself from archaic data management

Model and centralize your business processes.

Free yourself from management based on xls files  and Access databases.

Simplicité takes into account all your processes business process.

Design, test, shift... You have the keys

Together (IT and business): brainstorm, innovate, experiment and implement your applications.

Support agility and become more proactive.

Promote business innovation and free up energy.

Save time and regain the advantage

Reduce your Time To Market.

Expand by setting and drag and drop in a few days instead of months.

Prototype / test (MVP), rotate, industrialize and evolve.

Master your budget and save money

Streamline, share, capitalize, unify your development tool.

Free yourself from infrastructure constraints (private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, On-prem).

Benefit from a very fast ROI.  Pay according to your usage.

Your IT system is an "Hydra"

Benefit from the market standards (JAVA / JS / REST / REST / JSON / HTML5 / CSS3 / Oauth2/ LDAP…).

Interpret and dynamically restore your business in the form of screens and/or APIs, without generating code.

Use a non-proprietary language (JAVA) only if necessary.

Benefit from a unique tool and technology for all your business applications.

Expand the scope of possibilities via the API layer

Connect your applications to your ecosystem and the rest of the world. Manage Oauth2 accesses: Google, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft360, France Connect, Crowd…

Use standards such as: REST, SOAP, JSON – Contact: IoT, Big Data, IA…

Industrialize your development reactivity

Respond to your company’s business needs as soon as they are identified.

Whatever your choice of architecture, Simplicité offers productivity, agility, robustness and scalability.

Graphically develop your applications, use drag’ n’ drop to create your screens, connect them via APIs and encode the minimum to keep your business specificities.

What is Simplicité Software ?

  • Drag'n'drop

    Create your applications with drag’n’drop

  • Modeling

    Connect easily with your system & data

  • Code

    Deploy your application to the cloud of your choice.

  • Use

    Delimit profiles, change rights, organize your application to your image

  • Build your interfaces by drag’n’drop
  • Dates, images, text, email, documents... And many other elements are available to create your applications!
  • You have control over the number and size of your columns.
  • Interact directly between the data model and the creation form
  • Trace directly the links between your objects to create relationships. Your entire application is accessible in one click
  • Set (as finely as possible) your application to match your needs
  • Access all your code files with the integrated tree structure
  • CSS, JAVA, JS, JS, HTML, external objects style files you have everything at hand for all your applications
  • Access all your code files with the integrated tree structure, directly access the java doc, reorder your tabs as you wish!
  • Choose profils, change rights, organize your apps, your way.
  • Upgrade your applications according to your needs
  • Lists, forms, reporting.... Choose and develop tailor-made solutions

An open platform for robust technologies

With Simplicité, take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud and bring value to your business.

  • Container

  • Logo Docker
  • Logo Kubernetes
  • IaaS

  • Logo Amazon
  • Logo Azure
  • Logo Openstack
  • Logo IBM
  • etc...
  • PaaS

  • Logo Heroku
  • Logo Cloud Foundry
  • Logo Openshift
  • etc...

Discover v5

The platform has been improved with many new features: a refined display management for the user, an improved interface, new possibilities to interact with people, discover the main new features of the V5 - "Bonne nouvelle" !

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