Cookie Policy

Our cookies policy

1. The role of cookies

Simplicité deposits files (called cookies) on your computer to collect information on your navigation.
These cookies are essentially used to:

·  Measure and analyze your use of our site so that it best meets your needs;
·  Enable us to understand the content that interests you most;

As required by (french) law we display a small banner at the bottom of our website to warn you that we are placing a cookie on your computer.

2. What is a cookie

A cookie is a text file placed on your machine during your visit. Cookies allow us to understand how you navigate our websites, which pages you prefer to visit or the recurrence of your visits.

3.Your will on cookies

The (french) law requires us to inform you about the role of cookies. It is necessary to obtain your consent to use them. In addition, we are required to provide you with a way not to accept, it is by reading the few lines below that you will be able to proceed.

4.How we use cookies

Cookies for third-party services must be presented in a small format, since they require your consent. This list may change, depending on the evolution of third parties.

5.Measuring site usage

We use Google Analytics and Jabmo (formerly Azalead) to collect information about the pages you visit on our site.

We do these analyses to make the site more responsive to your needs and to help us improve it.

Google Analytics keeps information about :

  • The pages you visit on ;
  • The time you spend on each of these pages ;
  • The links that allowed you to arrive on our site ;
  • What you click on while visiting the site.

We do not collect your personal information in Google Analytics and Jabmo. Nor do we allow Google to use or share our analysis data with other data held by Google.

Google Analytics uses the following cookies:

Universal Analytics





2 years

Serves to count how many people visit by distinguishing users who have already visited the site



10 minutes

Used to monitor the frequency with which web page requests are made


24 hours

Used to monitor the frequency with which web page requests are made

You can decline Google Analytics cookies


Jabmo is a tool that allows us to identify the companies that visit the website. This tool allows only to know the name of the company when the IP address of the person who visits corresponds to a directory of this provider (formerly Azalead).





24 hours

Allows to give an anonymous identifier for b2b visitors


24 hours

Allows you to identify your session and your recurrence on our website

7. If you do not wish to accept cookies

If you do not want your computer to receive cookies, you can set your computer not to accept them.
Each browser manages cookie filtering in its own way :

·       Firefox
·       Chrome
·       Explorer
·       Safari
An alternative to setting the browser is to install an extension within your browser, which may block the majority of third-party cookies.