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Key accounts

IT Backup Plan

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Telephone hotline management

Illustration Use Case  ITCE

Customer Relationship Management - CRM

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Until then, we had repositories scattered among the various branches of the group that gave a fragmented view of the information system. Launching a cost rationalization campaign was difficult under these conditions or even looking for the cause of a problem occurring on an application. The creation of a common repository was becoming urgent. We looked for a simple and agile solution on the Internet and discovered Simplicité Software. The method has won us over.

Jean-Marc Jaillet

Global Enterprise Architect at the CIO, ALSTOM

IT group repository

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Effluent management

IT Asset Management

HR Repository

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Referentials / IT Mapping / GDPR

IS / ITSM Mapping


Patronage management

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Sales support / CRM

HR process management

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With Simplicité, all our activity is available to all our customers, in a personalized and very secure way. The agility of the base and the ease and speed of implementation have enabled us to evolve with our customers, but also to capitalize on our businesses and strengthen our partnership relationship with them. The great flexibility of the Simplicité product and its ability to adapt to each of our businesses has enabled us to achieve significant economies of scale.

Paul Boyer

Directeur Général, Eurisk

Delivery management

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Full IT system

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Management of expertise files

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Public Sector

Many apps

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HR Organization Management

Marianne Charter

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Computer inventory management

Agreement management

Fuel stock optimization

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Simplicité is a platform with a very “functional business” positioning. Thanks to it, we can develop our own services from those of the publisher that have remained generic enough to offer us all the freedoms of a tailor-made development.

Hervé Le Bars

IT Manager, SGMAP

Simulator for return procedures in France

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Management real estate assets

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Management of homeless domiciliations

Funeral Operator Portal

Multiple applications

Multiple applications

Custom CRM

Management of European acts

Complete redesign of the application portal


Automatic generation of B2B contracts

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Logistics IT

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Full information system

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We used to work with the, and researched how to build Scorecard inside the platform. However, our meeting with Simplicité convinced us that with their platform we could do a better job, in less time and with a controlled budget. By using Simplicité, Scorecard was actually built ten times faster, and cost less than 50% when compared to a typical development cycle.

Valéry Nguyen

Co-founder, Scorecard

Management of annual interviews

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