Our partners help you transform your business 

The Simplicité platform integrates with many technologies, thanks to our partners you can find the right solution for your business application needs.

In partnership with the best integrators & consulting firms

We work with the best partners to find the perfect alchemy that guarantees the success of your projects. Resolutely forward-looking, our approach allows you to combine talent and vision to achieve your goals. 

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We are a partners in innovation, and the cloud is the fastest way to innovate. By partnering with companies such as Simplicité Software, we offer businesses the means to accelerate development of new applications, increase new services and therefore serve customers.
Christian Comtat

Director Cloud Computing, IBM

The technology that opens new possibilities

One of the strengths of the Simplicté platform is its ability to integrate with the many hosting solutions on the market. Whatever your requirements or constraints, we have the right solution. 

In an era of apps and APIs, the ability of organizations to aggregate, cross reference and enhance data is a strategic issue. We are proud to offer our clients a complete and unprecedented solution that reinvents information governance and places data at the heart of developing innovative and cost-effective services. As a result, there is a strong complementarity with the Simplicité platform. As a result, there is a strong complementarity with the Simplicité platform.

Jean-Marc Lazard

CEO, OpenDataSoft

Simplicité Software provides a powerful and streamlined toolset for creating applications while the SEED Protocol delivers unparalleled security for data in-motion and at-rest.  Combined, Simplicité and SEED offer a robust, integrated solution addressing your business needs both within your own organization and across your business ecosystem.

Tom Reid

CEO, SEED Protocol

 Kumulos is a platform that partners with the world’s industry-leading and cutting-edge companies as is Simplicité Software by offering a comprehensive mobile app management platform. Commercial and Enterprise companies integrate our technologies for Push Notifications, App Analytics, and much more, all in one place, using a single SDK. Let us provide a seamless experience for your organization’s investment in mobile apps.

Bob Lawson

Founder & Director, Kumulos

The containers to arrive in a safe harbor

We developed the application on robust and proven standards on a Java basis. But aware that the technological world is constantly in motion we have developed the connectors necessary so that everything happens seamlessly.