Benefits and advantages


Visual modeler


Business models to meet your needs


Private, Public, Hybrid, Cloud or OnPremise

Build your app with the visual modeler

Thank to the visual modeler you can build and run your application without the need to write complex code.

Simplicité as a built-in visual modeler, this allows designers’ applications to quickly build business application. Using simple configuration, the platform execute your configuration, no need write complex write code. Thanks to this approach you can visually build the business logic behind your application through workflows.

The visual modeler provides by the platform allows designers to benefit from a high level of abstraction,  you just need minimum technical knowledge to understand the whys and wherefores of your application.

There are many advantages for all users :
– Your application is readable by all the people in your project.
– You can quickly change your process and workflows in a seamless experience.
– Orchestre complex workflows in a simple browser, no need to download a heavy client (Windows, Linux, Mac every OS works)

API centric

Integration at all levels

Whether your technology environment is simple or complex, we know that it is vital that the platform connects smoothly to your application ecosystem. That’s why we have developed API connectors that will allow you to communicate safely with the components of your It environement. With our ‘API console’ you can : organize, connect, test and deploy at will.

Schéma d'insfrastructure Simplicité
Webservices, REST, OData..

Web services, REST, OData ...

Our platform utilizes a variety of API connectors including SOAP, REST and OData.
Votre système

Total system integration

All of our connectors are designed to easily integrate legacy systems and new developments as one.
Base de données


Simplicité integrates with multiple databases, combining local and external data sources: FTP, import of xls files, BigData, IoT ..
Vos APIs


Simplicité incorporates a powerful ‘API tester’ system. Development on the platform is done entirely within the browser.

Low-code, based on standards

Enjoy proven technologies for robust and reliable applications.

With Simplicité, you can use the standard models to create 80 to 90% of your business application and concentrate your development effort only on very specific and high value business rules.

Simplicité is based on the known and recognized standards of the market. Because our cloud platform works with Cloud Foundary, it allows you to enjoy a broad spectrum of compatibility, you locked in to a proprietary system.

The platform uses standards such as OAuth2, SAML for authentication, UML for templates, HTML5 and CSS3 for the creation.

Les différentes technologies pour Simplicité
Les standards de Simplicité

Use ‘Open Data’


Transform open data into applications, with a few clicks

Open data is a subject put forward by many companies, whether public or private. With the Simplicité platform and its native OpenDataSoft connector it is easy to use the thousands of open and available data. With a few clicks, import or query data sets quickly, operate your business and bring value to it.

That’s it !

And there is more.



Your application evolves in real time. Any change in your business is dynamically taken into account.

Time to market

Time to market

Your market is evolving, and so are your competitors. To remain ahead, it is important to have tools to respond quickly to the requirements of the changing landscape.



Our platform makes it possible to simplify previously tedious processes. It centralizes and organizes all or part of your activity, increases your productivity and avoids the most time-consuming and repetitive tasks.

Retour sur investissement

Return on investement

Agility’s time and cost savings coupled with the breadth of functionality offered and an incisive ‘pay as you go’ pricing model ensures a near instant ROI.