Choose your cloud, the platform takes care of the rest


Seamless integration with multiple cloud technologies


Scalability to meet you needs


Quick and easy deployment using connectors

Simplicité integrates with most cloud technologies



  • Open source, Open Architecture.
  •  Benefit from the latest cloud technology innovations.
  • Ensure quality of service and availability 24/7.
  • Scale infrastructure based on your needs.
  • Choose data centers near your location.

Simplicité gives you the freedom to choose Public, Private, Hybrid cloud – or a mixture of these. You can also change infrastructure at any time.

Les différentes couches du cloud
Le fonctionnement de Simplicité comme aPaaS

Resiliency at the heart of the platform

With Simplicité, take advantage of all the benefits of the cloud and bring value to your business.

It is at the heart of the Simplicité platform that you will find serenity and tranquility:

  • Deploy / clone / stop / restart / delete your cloud instances with Simplicité.
  • Connect &/or extend existing information systems.
  • Provide a simple login for your users, based on their Google, LinkedIn, Facebook credentials.
  • Provision / deploy your cloud infrastructure based on actual usage (depends on the cloud infrastructure provider selected).
  • Benefit from a continuous improvement cloud platform offering users new features and updates automatically.

With the Simplicité, take advantage of a turnkey solution, without worrying about performance, operation, servers …

Enjoy the power of Simplicité and the complete ecosystem of IBM Cloud

Simplicité is the first European development platform to be available on IBM’s PaaS IBM Cloud. With IBM Cloud, deploying and connecting your business applications quickly has never been easier.

By combining the possibilities of Simplicité with the services available on IBM Cloud you can quickly build innovative, robust and efficient tools to meet your customers’ needs.
What will Watson tell you about the use of your connected objects? And what the social networks say about your new service offer? With Simplicité on the IBM Cloud, you can try cognitive technology in your business.

Try using a IBM Cloud sandbox

Moteur du cloud
Want to develop your application in the cloud? Let’s talk about it  
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