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Data +idea + platform = business application


Enjoy a complete ecosystem

At the begining, the data

The platform offers a wide range of generic mechanisms to dynamically build your business applications. The so-called “DataCentric” approach is the data that structures your business.

“Where is the data that I manipulate?”, “Who manipulates it and how, in what order, according to what business processes?”, “What indicators enable me to drive my business and improve it?” These questions will be answered through modeling and real-time rendering on the Simplicité platform.

Data Simplicité
Mémoire cache

Server Cache Management

Simplicité relies on a fine and optimized management of the server cache. It is this intelligence which makes it possible to load the definition of the objects and processes in memory and to ‘serialize’ them in real time to the user.

Performance améliorée

Fast performance

Simplicité relies on its standard performance optimization mechanisms, but also on the performance of technical architecture elements, guaranteeing optimum performance, whatever its use.

Illustration gestion des profils

Profile management

The rights management mechanisms in Simplicité are inspired by the best practices in the field. A user has rights consisting of the merge of the rights of his membership profiles. The depth of rights and access to information can therefore be managed extremely tightly.

Gestion de l'import / export

Import / Export

A large number of import / export functions are available natively in Simplicité. A series of “adapters” in Simplicité allow to “ingest” any type of source file, to make its transformation and to load it in the database.

Architecture overview

The software architecture components of the Simplicité platform is detailed below. The intelligent engine orchestrates the rest of the components of the platform mainly consisting of layers of successive APIs staged according to their level of abstraction with respect to the data:

  • A generic and responsive (UI) web interface.
  • A generic JSON / REST and XML / SOAP connection API layer.
  • Many API connections positioned upstream of the webservices layer.
  • A generic I / O integration based on the HTTP protocol that can be called in the CURL command line.
Schéma d'architecture de la plateforme
Illustration connexion API


Simplicité exposes all its parameters, rules and business processes directly via the layers of APIs natively present in the platform. The job and data are therefore available for the “rest of the world” via this layer of APIs.

Gestion de la documentation

Document generation

Simplicité proposes mechanisms of documentary generation making it possible to render all or part of the parameters and business models humanely readable. In the same way, by relying on the automation of tests, Simplicity allows to generate user documentation automatically.


Mail merge

All the data managed in the platform is available to create any type of document in direct mail mode (PV of deliveries, activity reports, invoices, etc …).

Scalabilité de la plateforme

Platform scalabilty

Using a Java architecture, Simplicité relies on the underlying technical components to offer a real technical scalability. Thanks to its supervisory and operational module, Simplicité can, upon exceeding the threshold, send an order to the infrastructure to deploy a new node, add RAM or increase disk space.