For business and IT

Innovative for business, reassuring for IT

A single platform for all your applications. As robust as it is agile, the Simplicité platform makes it possible to meet all business needs in record time.

  • Agile development through dynamic model interpretation (DevOps).
  • Graphical development interface to go up to 10x faster than traditional development.
  • A full responsive design for a seamless mobile experience.
  • Applications that evolve at the same time as the business.
  • Multi-cloud and / or built-in IT (OnPremise). 

All business applications are managed on one platform. Simplicité drives innovation and digital transformation of companies on a daily basis.

Agility platform at all levels 

Creation and evolution of the application at the speed of your needs

Genuine support for agility, the platform integrates a array of features to manage the life of the application, and more …

  • Application is built interatively by interpreting and render in real time your business requirement.
  • Quick creation of workflows, business rules and users.
  • Continuous improvement for an application that evolves at the same time as the business.
  • Easy connection to your ecosystem (APIs).
  • Reduced time and cost. 


Test, correct, use, improve, you have the ? !

Cloud public, hybride, privé ou OnPremise

Cloud platform, but not limited

Private Cloud? Public Cloud? Cloud hybrid? OnPremise? You have the choice and you can change your mind at any time. 

Whatever your  strategy, whatever your choice of architecture, whatever your cloud providers, Simplicité adapts itself to your needs.

  • Easy deployment. 3 clicks are enough to deploy an instance on the cloud of your choice or on your infrastructure.
  • Cloud Foundry, Docker, Openshift, Pivotal … you choose.
  • Automatically provision your VMs according to the needs of your applications.
  • Enjoy a single, updated version.
  • No operational ploblems, everything is done in the cloud.
  • Development, testing, training, pre-production, production, all your environments are just a click away.

No matter what your need, Simplicité works seamlessly in all clouds and also OnPremise to take advantage of your existing infrastructure

Simplicité version 4

Want to do more with Simplicité?

  • Full responsive
  • Dashboard
  • Graphics and Tables
  • Customizing the interface (Jquery & Bootsrap)
  • Third-party Service Integration (API)
  • Multi-language native management
  • Advanced Layout
  • Full-text search
  • User Reviews
  • Calendrier
  • Calendar Management of Timetables and Gantt
  • Timetables and Gantt Managing fields, styles
  • Easy shortcut creation
  • Management of the web tree
  • Process and workflow
  • Modeling (UML)
  • State diagrams
  • Graphic Templates
  • Organization by group
  • Tests of uses
  • User Interface
  • Git, Google
  • IO, Metadata
  • SOAP / XML
  • Built-in API testing
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  • Application Monitoring
  • Mass Import / Export
  • Managing user sessions
  • Management of asynchronous tasks
  • Overview of current system operations
  • Technical Feedback
  • Code difference management and analysis
  • Tool Full view of system logs & alerts
  • Cache management and information
  • Data Mapping
  • Creating Business Objects
  • Managing system parameters
  • Managing scripts settings
  • Management of Cardinality
  • Assigning RegEx to all fields
  • Easy to import
  • Indexing fields
  • Recherche fine et personnalisable
  • Gestion du format Markdown
  • Management MIME type
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Business processes
  • Short process management: Screenflow & wizard
  • Long process management: multiple users and tasks
  • Dashboard
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Business analysis report
  • State models
  • Templates Managing transitions
  • Management of permissions
  • Project management
  • Module Auditing
  • Assigning tasks
  • Synthetic Feedback
  • Users Feedback
  • Usecase tests
  • Usecase recording fir use case
  • Ticket and status management
  • Managing Required Items
  • Creating and managing users
  • Rights management
  • Group hierarchy
  • SSO, SAML, OAuth2, LDAP
  • Captcha
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