One platform for all users


For all functions in your company


Collaborate and co-create applications


Permission based

With Simplicité, all users (business user, test user,end user, operator) collaborate around the same platform and can access it according to different profiles with tailor-made access rights. Depending on your profile and role, enjoy personalized views at any time.

Business users

Business users can express their requirements directly on Simplicité’s platform using natural language and a graphic interface. Once implements, these same users can test the application directly, using the same interface.




Encourage social collaboration
across your team.

Couvrez vos besoins

For all your needs

Simplicité covers all your application
development needs.

Atteignez l'agilité

True agility

Your enterprise applications can quickly, and easily evolve to reflect changes in your business needs.

Exprimez vos besoins

Express yourself

In your application development projects, by providing feedback through the platform in real time.

Augmentez votre efficacité

Increase your efficiency and drive your indicators

Create very specific thing to report on
your business KPI.

Réduisez vos efforts

Reduce your learning curve

Reduce training and change management time as your applications evolve, by using a single common platform for all needs.


Analysts transform business requirements into business models and business rules.

traduisez les besoins

Translate needs


Translate business requirement into detailed use case diagrams and requirement.

Gérez les portées

Manage versions

Manage applications versions functional

Affectez les tâches

Assign tasks

Assign requirement implementation tasks to the application designers.

Gérez la traçabilité

Track application delivery

Track the progress of application development, and measure whether business needs are being met.

Qualifiez les retours

Qualify end user feedback

Qualify end user feedback, monitor chang erequests and support requests.

Design and run tests

Quickly design, deploy and test applications.


The designers create models from direct business needs.

Etendez le comportement

Business process behaviour

Evolve business process and object to provide additional business logic.

Paramétrez vos modèles

Versatile modeler

Configure your logical data models in minutes with the help of the versatile graphical modeler.

logo Ajoutez des profils

Add profiles

Add user profiles, fine grained access rights
and business rules.

logo intégration application

Integrate your application

Integrate your application with other systems using various methods (data adapters, remote & service business objects).

Logo développement layout

Your layout

Additional external HMIs (websites, mobile applications) respect the parametric business rules.

logo coneption diagramme

Design diagrams

Design complex state models and activity business workflows.


Operators, internal or external, can easily monitor the platform, manage the infrastructure and escalate issues as required.

Logo supervision paramètres

Monitor the platform

Monitor the platform technical parameters
(memory usage, cache, logs, etc.).

logo supervision indicateurs

Monitor KPI

Monitor the application business key indicators
and statistics.

logo gestion des sessions

Manage user sessions

Manage user sessions, scheduled tasks, logs, data import/exports, etc..

logo anticipation changements


Anticipate usage changes and adapt resources accordingly.