New Simplicité V4

Simplicité offers an integrated environment of tools and services to fully manage the life of your applications. From idea to development, from deployment to management of operations. .

Nouvelle version de Simplicité

Full responsive

The new version of Simplicity now allows you to have a responsive version in any point.

  • - Desktop screen: large display, tables, multi-columns.
  • - Medium screen: partial minification of menus / actions, mosaics/li>
  • - Mobile screen: global minification, hidden menu, single column

Creating and editing objects in drag & drop

New Form WYSIWYG editor. Create the logical object by making its input form directly via simplified property screens:

  • - Object attribut
  • - Area attribut
  • - Text Area
  • - Nested columns
  • - Area tab
  • - View, relationship, and referenced object
  • - Action Button

API everywhere

Connect your application to the rest of your ecosystem seamless. Thanks to the integrated API tester, it has never been easier to manage your connections.

Tester d'API intégré à la plateforme

New provider OAuth2

Choose the right OAuth2 provider for a fast and secure connection within your application.

Kanban management view

Any state diagram can be represented in silos without any further development:

  • - While respecting the rules of authorized transitions.
  • - By giving a summary of objects by state
  • - With the list of actors in the object's history

New social function

The social function returns with a new interface :

  • - Free comments with or without business objects
  • - Automatic creation of public history to know "who did what when"
  • - Followers: simplified application process

New theme management