Simplicité V.5 – “Bonne Nouvelle”

The platform has been enriched with many new functionalities: finer display management for the user, an improved interface, new possibilities for interacting with people, discover the main new features of the V5 – “Bonne nouvelle” !

Simplicité V5


An enriched user centre

Think bigger!

With the new built-in zoom feature you can now easily manage the zoom level of your screen. Smaller for more information, more advanced for better readability.

Change languages in one click

Changing the language in one click is now possible with the new switch functionality integrated into the User Notification Centre.

Login once and for all

Do you have several profiles? No more changing logins inopportunely. You only need a connection to change easily between your different profiles. Also very practical for application designers.

Compact mode

For better legibility, the compact mode allows you to pass the labels to the left of the fields. Switch from one to the other in no time at all. 

User interface

More and more fluid, more and more elegant

We have added many options to make the user interface more fluid. The right compromise between performance and speed.

New representations possible by sliders or stars.

Badges in menus and lists to know the occurrences.

New exports with asynchronous loading.

Icônes au format SVG

All icons are now in SVG format, pixel perfect.

The news

New possibilities to notify users

Les nouvelles actualités
Web news has been updated for display:

  • as a popup when the user connects to the site.
  • or articles in a new view or via a shortcut.
  • or with horizontal scrolling in the footer (reloaded every 5 minutes)





Upload multiple documents to a single field

Upload N documents in a single Document field, choose to view the documents in a list or a viewer in drag and drop thumbnail format. 

Choose how users interact

Choose how users interact with your application: the first one who registers right, the last one who registers right or only one person can modify at a time.

Easy searches in the Pillboxes

It is now possible to search in the “pillboxes”.

Get started today
the low-code experience


Pivot tables

Edit your tables in one click

Access all your translations in one click

Translate all the texts of your application

Unified view of all languages

Consideration of all the languages of your application

Test it for free

Ask for a demonstration

Would you like to know more about this new version? Would you like a demonstration of Simplicity? Nothing could be simpler, contact us  👇

Try it free for 30 days

Try Simplicité free of charge for 30 days to create your first application.


Manage your resources like never before

Allocate time tracking according to resources

Create your task tracking tables

Choose your axes by tasks or resources

Gantt-style unified view

30 days to test