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Simplicité helps startups succeed

Launching a startup, developing an offer, acting on customer feedback, disrupting business models…

All this requires thinking about multiple aspects of the life of the company. Between legal, sales, HR, orders, billing, customer acquisition, fundraising – it is difficult to remain focused.

Simplicity helps startups by providing evolutive back end tools to smoothly support growth and expanding services.

Simplicité has developed a totally scalable solution and pricing model to support start ups on their journey – from design, testing, roll out and growth, we are with you every step of the way.

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Rapid development, from the prototype to finished application

Bringing a new service or application to market can be a varied and challenging journey – often the final iteration is the result of many feedback cycles. Simplicité supports you from initial concept, through modeling, prototyping and then on to full roll out. One platform, one process


Facilitates customer interaction and connection to its ecosystem

The life of a startup is very often a real obstacle course, and it is by confronting its market that it has to step back and refocus its offer. In a perpetual mutation, the startup may find it wise to take advantage of the experience and services offered by others. Ensure that your systems are agile and extensible by using Simplicité’s API library to easily, quickly and reliably connect straight in to your partner ecosystem.

Benefit from a 'turnkey' backend allowing you to concentrate on your business

Using Simplicté to run your backend frees you from the technical challenges of development and integration with third party data and systems. 

With Simplicity, forget the technical contingencies and concentrate on the essential! 

Support growth in scale-up

As business growth accelerates, one of the major risks for a startup is keeping pace with infrastructure and application development. Simplicité’s cloud solution, enables rapid and cost effective scalability – however big you need to grow.

We have used Simplicité to build 100% of our backend, from tracking items during transport and in storage to customer subscription, service delivery and invoicing.

The he result was quick: about one month after the database design, we had 95% of features done. The evolution is surprisingly easy: adding a new state or field for a customer status takes only 10 minutes including testing. We had almost no bugs from day 1 which is something that amazed us in comparison with a solution built from scratch that we experienced before.

Cédric Naintre
– CEO, Lofty


We had looked at working with and looked at building Scorecard within this platform. However, our meeting with Simplicité convinced us about the ability of thisFrench platform to do better, in less time with a more controlled budget. The result is a  winning choice, Scorecard was able to be built in 10% of the time taken for a traditional development, and for 30% – 50% less cost.

Valéry Nguyen

– Co-fonder, Scorecard


These customers use Simplicité to manage their business.

Simplicité helps startups manage their business. Our platform is robust, scalable and evolutionary – which frees the entrepreneur from the technical and functional limitations, allowing them to focus 100% on growing their business. Simplicité is a genuine guarantee of quality, and a major asset in the entrepreneur’s development strategy.