CIOs choose an agile DevOps cloud platform

Simplicité for CIOs

The role of a CIO is rapidly changing. Embracing legacy systems and data, digital transformation, new user cases and evolving governance issues. Consequently the scope and scale of these projects necessitate rapid modeling, testing, integration and deployment for all IT related services.

It is also incumbent on CIOs to incubate new processes and services through proof of concept (PoC) projects that can path the future of business opportunities. 



DSI transformez vos processus en applications

      The Simplicité platform supports these transformations, using agile, robust and scalable tools to innovative solutions to everyday problems.
  • Create quick responses to business needs
  • Proposal for technological innovations
  • Agile service center positioning
  • Eradication of ‘shadow IT’
  • Platform for technology innovation
  • Reduced costs and deadlines
  • Progressive migration from legacy
  • Viability, scalability, security, scalability

Simplicité  is like a ‘DevOps cloud platform’ an innovative solution that accompanies CIOs in their transformations.

Simplicité for CIOs 

Rapid app development, reduced costs and delays, increased productivity

The Simplicité platform enables CIOs to benefit from a shared agile development platform in order to meet everyday challenges and encourage innovation and collaboration


'API-centric', innovate without obscuring the existing and take advantage of the cloud offer

Thanks to its generic API layer, Simplicité allows you to support your new business processes, while guaranteeing a complete integration with your existing and your vertical cloud (SaaS) choices.

Support for agility, full coverage of ALM , unrivaled scalability

As business requirements change to stay competitive  new service iterations need to be rolled out in record time. This requires an agile development platform, with easy to use tools, that can support a project throughout its entire life cycle.

The future of a good CIO depends on increased agility and responsiveness in a context of accelerated change.

Christian Philippe

CIO, Regional Council of Brittany

These customers build their applications with Simplicité

Simplicité helps CIOs delivery their digital transformations. Our platform allows agile development based on ‘need modeling’ and application lifecycle management (design, build, test, run, operate) up to 10x faster and 30%-50% less expensive than traditional developments.