Business has evolve… Now your applications can evolve with you


Engage digital transformation


Quickly develop your custom-made application


Innovate at the speed of your business needs

Adapting continuously to the needs of your business is a necessity today. To do this, it is essential to have the ability to create robust, agile and scalable business applications. With the Simplicité platform you have the power to create, up to 10x faster than a conventional development, thanks to the Low-Code DevOps approach.

Development by iteration makes it possible to quickly find solutions to the problems encountered, and to evolve a solution based on user feedback.

DevOps is no longer a myth, it is a reality – the Simplicté engine interprets and renders you models in real time, with a full collaboration and communication tool set.



Easily upgrade or decrease the capacity of your applications.

Modeleur visuel

Visual modeler

Visualize your application at a glance: templates, workflows, usage cases, profiles.



Simplicité is based on proven IT security standards.



Business models are your property, the platform works on open standards. Use the API layer to open your applications to the rest of the world.

Itérartion pour la construction d'application


The platform covers the whole cycle of the ALM, the operation by iteration allows a perfect collaboration between all users.


2 clicks away

2 clicks are enough to go into production, to deploy a new instance, to deploy a new application.

Simplicité is a platform with a very functional positioning. Thanks to it, we have easily developed our own customized services which are on par with bespoke developments.

Hervé Le Bars

IT Manager, SGMAP

Now is the time of apps and APIs – the ability of organizations to aggregate, cross check and validate data is a strategic issue. We are proud to offer our clients a complete and unprecedented solution that reinvents information governance, and positions data at the heart of the innovative rapid development and cost-effective services.

Jean-Marc Lazard

CEO, Opendatasoft

These customers build their applications with Simplicité

Simplicity helps all organizations to accelerate their developments. The platform’s functions allows agile development based on the modeling of business needs, as well as the management of the entire life cycle of the application (development, testing, administration, monitoring).

This approach allows production up to 10x faster and requires fewer resources than a traditional, code-based approach.