Human Resources

Simplicité for more agile human resources

The Human Resources sector is rapidly evolving: home working, talent migration, hot-desking, BYO, Generation X, Y, Z, employee performance and mobility to name a few of the current challenges. All of these issues require secure IT, data and service applications to be evolved in line with business needs.

Companies in this sector use the Simplicité platform to create customized business applications: career follow-up, training plans, performance management systems, time management expense reports and many other services.

Why Human Resource companies choose Simplicité ?

Specific HR business processes

A organization’s most valuable asset are its employees. Consequently, HR applications need to ensure that these resources are managed, motivated and nurtured according to specific business needs. 

Training, careers, interviews ...

The management of Human Resources is a complex function, crossing many functions and requires input from many data points in a business. In order to give a rounded view of individuals, HR tools need to combine this data with easy to use applications.

Management, reporting and dashboards

The HR function needs to feel the pulse of a business. Reporting must be real time, and above all, give indicators that can be acted up on quickly. Simplicité offers easy to use dashboards to monitor activity, anticipate trends, and highlight issues.

We had looked at working with and looked at building Scorecard within this platform. However, our meeting with Simplicité convinced us about the ability of thisFrench platform to do better, in less time with a more controlled budget. The result is a  winning choice, Scorecard was able to be built in 10% of the time taken for a traditional development, and for 30% – 50% less cost.

Valéry Nguyen

Co-fonder, Scorecard

Customers build there HR processes with Simplicité

Simplicité helps Human Resource functions in their digital transformation projects. The importance of well-being at work is growing and HR processes (and tools) must offer flexibility, transparency and must not – under any circumstances – be a hindrance to the role of talent management and retention.