Logistics and supply chain in perfect harmony

Simplicité for logistics and supply chain

Ensuring efficient inventory management, distribution and fulfilment is a highly complex process, requires realtime data exchange and tracking from multiple IT systems and devices.

The Simplicité platform seamlessly draws all of this data together with customized business applications and services – for both mobile and desktop users, optimising business processes. 

DSI transformez vos processus en applications

Simplicité for logistics and supply chain

Rapid Application Development

Build applications and services directly from user requirement modelling. Evolve and improve these based on feedback directly from your users, all on a single platform.


Easy integration

Using APIs, interconnect your systems to those of your customers and business partners. Implement seamless data exchanges between new and legacy systems to streamline and improve efficiency in your supply chains.

The adaptable platform

Thanks to the flexibility, scalability and robust design, Simplicité enables you to solve everyday problems in real time to positively impact your operations.

These companies manage their logics with Simplicité

Simplicité helps logistics and supply chain companies implement digital transformations in business, based on real user requirements. Tailored to specific needs, deployed in record time and more cost effectively than ‘traditional’ development methods.