Build engaging customer marketing applications

Simplicité and customer experience

Marketing and communications are at the heart of all successful businesses, and encompasses every aspect of customer engagement.

Ensuring each point of contact is relevant, personal and consistent can be challenging with many data points being tracked in the customer journey.

With the Simplicité platform, you have the power to build the applications and services that correspond directly to the needs of your customers

DSI transformez vos processus en applications

Simplcité for marketing

Reduce service delivery cycles

Stay competitive by evolving your service offering to changes in market conditions and trends. With Simplicité,  you can build your applications at the speed of your ideas.


Manage your supply chains

Any company with an online trading presence needs to ensure that offers are current and product availability updated in realtime. Ensure that all of your supply chain is in harmony with custom  workflows built and updated in Simplicité platform.

React to customer demands in real time

Market trends change quickly and are always difficult to accurately predict. Businesses that can react quickly with their offers are the ones that win the business.

SFR relies on Simplicité for marketing processes

Simplicité helps marketing and communication professionals with their digital transformations. If a business needs to develop applications and services reactively and flexibly with total scalability – there is only one choice. Digital innovation really is a simple as a few clicks with you mouse – model, prototype, review, revise and deploy all of one platform.