Simplicité for sales and distribution

Simplicité for sales and distribution

Distribution and logistics have changed a lot in recent years. Just-in-time stock management, 360° customer view, omni/multichannel, mobile user experience are all challenges that can be difficult to address.

Thanks to Simplicité’s platform, you can quickly industrialize your processes, run just-in-time work flows, offer new services, connect with your partners and obtain insight from your data.

Finely manage your stock, your pricing, your warehouses, your invoicing, your business rules in a  single place.

Exemple application pour le commerce et la distribution

Simplicité helps businesses of all size

GEstion sur-mesure de la logistique

Manage your logistics and stock with tailored apps

Management des stocks et des ventes

Automate pricing quotes, delivery notes and invoices

Spécification des besoins spécifiques

Customize and optimize for your specific needs

Connexion à des système existant

Connect with your partners and ecosystem

These customers use Simplicité to run there sales operations.

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Simplicity helps commercial and distribution companies in their digital transformations. The platform’s functioning allows agile development based on the modeling of the business need and its layer of API makes it possible to develop complete offers offering services to the whole of its ecosystem. This approach allows up to 10 times faster commissioning and requires fewer resources than a traditional approach, based on the specific development and / or software / SaaS.