Customized applications for salespeople 

Simplicité for salespeople

The sales function has largely been digitized, with many software tools and CRMs available to help the sales process. However, it is difficult to find a single tool or CRM that exactly meets all of your needs the needs, rather than using multiple tools.

 With Simplicité, build a CRM that exactly meets you needs, drawing data from all relevant parts of your business. Build a customized customer relationship management application that fits perfectly with all of your business needs and processes.

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Why Simplicité for salespeople ?

Create a CRM that evolves with you and your business needs.

Rapid development of your customized CRM. 

Most sales people avoid using a CRM because they are often cumbersome, irrelevant and not perceived as a beneficial to making sales. Simplicity lets you easily create a CRM tool that helps sales people be successful, with out slowing them down.


Don't lose business with inefficient processes.

Turn every prospect into a business deal.

Create a tool for every step of your sales cycle – from initial prospecting, nurturing, educating, building a business case right through to closing and fulfilment.

Improve, grow and evolve your CRM as your business changes.

As your products and services evolve, your business processes must adapt and evolve at the same time. Simplicité lets your CRM evolve in real time, based on business needs.

The Simplicité platform helps salespeople manage their activities every day: managing contacts, opportunities, proposals, pipelines, sales forecasts and orders. The platform combines agile development, iterative user modelling and total scalability.