Mobile Telecoms

Simplicité for mobile telecom operators

The mobile telecoms sector is highly competitive, with a number of operators competing on function, service and ultimately price.

Legislative changes (end of EU roaming, and the devlopement of low-cost fixed rate plans, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a significant ARPU. The problem is often the same : reduce churn, innovate (offers and services), intimately know your users, …

Thanks to Simplicité, you can build business applications that fit your immediate needs. Deliver specific business applications, connect them to your telecom network, optimize your processes, equip your customer advisors and shops…


Mobile Telecom companies

Évitez le churn

Avoid / reduce churn


Innovate and build tailor-made offers

Réduction des coûts

Reduce costs and reduce your TTM

Augmentation de la durée de vie du client

Bring value and build customer loyalty

We’ve been one of Simplicité’s early adopters and have been very quickly impressed by the underlying platform agility. We can now carry out our user workshops, write the specifications and create models in real time. This has allowed us to implement applications in record time (where we imagined a few months, we delivered in a few weeks).

Applications we built 7/8 years ago are still in production with intensive use. Simplicité’s aPaaS solution is also a good environment to build POCs without infrastructure changes.

In short, to be agile and efficient, we think Simplicité.

Jean-Gwilherm PRAUD

IT Manager, SFR

The largest telecom companies use Simplicité

Simplicité help telecom and internet companies to transform. The platform combines agile development based on business needs modeling, processes and workflows definition, profiles ans actors management,…

Simplicité allows up to 10 times faster application delivery and requires fewer resources than traditional approaches based on specific development and / or vertical software (SaaS, ERP).