Simplicité Certification

Certify your Simplicité knowledge!

Evaluate, test and validate your expertise in the Simplicité low-code platform.
All partners, customers and consultants profiles can apply!


Unlock the low-code power!

Simplicité is a complete platform that allows you to create any type of business applications.

Since its release in 2006, the platform has been enriched with numerous functionalities.

To allow everyone to be an expert with the platform and to operate as a trusted specialist, we offer different certifications depending on the Simplicité profiles.

Confirm your knowledge of the Simplicité platform!

By following the different levels of our certification programme we guarantee you will:

  • gain an in-depth knowledge of the Simplicité platform.
  • develop your business applications with complete peace of mind.
  • expand your skills and regularly update your knowledge by following an adapted course.

We have identified 3 main profiles: designers, operators and architects.

It is necessary to start/validate certain levels before being able to access higher qualifications. For example: to become a Simplicité Architect you will need to pass the Designer Level I and .II certifications before certifying as an architect. On the other hand, a Business Administrator certification will be independent of the other qualifications.


The designers set the parameters of the business models in direct accordance with the needs expressed. They build the target applications in agile mode and master all the functionalities offered by the platform (reporting, parameterisation, specific development, webservice/integration, etc.).

Typical profile :

  • Knowledge of object-oriented modelling (e.g. UML.
  • Knowledge of relational databases (SQL).
  • Back (Java) and front (HTML/JS/CSS) development skills.


The operator, whether internal and/or cloud-based: supervises the platform, guarantees the SLA, raises alerts, resizes the technical infrastructure, deploys and upgrades (maintains) the platform.-

Typical profile :

  • Knowledge of Linux/Windows server and/or Docker/Kubernetes OS.
  • Knowledge of databases and networks.
  • For cloud environment: expertise in cloud products/services onto which Simplicité will be deployed (e.g. AWS EC2, ECS, EKS, EBS, RDS, …). Google Compute engine, Kubernetes engine, SQL, … or equivalent from other cloud providers).


The architect is THE Simplicité Champion! He has both Level I and .II certification from the Designer and Level I certification from the Operator. Of course, he also has the skills of a business administrator. He knows the nooks and crannies of the platform like the back of his hand.

Typical profile:

  • The profile of the designer + that of the architect.

And the end users? 

Each application created with Simplicité is specific to the business. It would not necessarily make sense to offer a specific certification.

However, business administrators, beginner or advanced users may have specific needs to get to know the tool a little better. This is why we offer training courses adapted to the applications specifically developed (for example on: reference data, authorisations, workflows &/or existing business objects…).

Ready to get started?

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