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Modeling and automation of legal and contractual expertise

Background information

Astura, an independent French business firm, practises in corporate law (mergers and acquisitions, financing, capital markets, restructuring), information technology law (major IT projects, development, licensing, maintenance, e-commerce, personal data law), intellectual property law (trademarks, copyright, designs and models), commercial law and litigation/arbitration.

Legio by Astura is part of a digital transformation of contract life cycle management by offering an innovative solution: the modelling and automation of legal and contractual expertise. Simplicité has been able to support us in imagining and proposing an adapted software platform, despite the strong constraints inherent to our business.

Matthieu Mélin

Avocat, Assocate - Astura


The Astura business firm has developed a methodology specifically adapted to the modeling of contracts and legal documents and wishes to acquire a software solution to quickly and simply generate quality legal documents.


Generate simply and quickly high-quality legal documents, adapted to the context, up to date with legislative/regulatory developments and without drafting errors;

Benefit from a very significant productivity gain in writing automation to accelerate production times, rationalize costs and free up time for other tasks;

Legally secure the generation of documents by operational staff when this function is delegated to them.

Simplicité Solution

A unified solution to simplify the creation and editing of legal contracts for the firm’s clients.

Reduction in the time spent on “written” contracts.

Creation and provision of a repository of contractual models that are always up to date with the latest regulatory developments (GDPR,…).