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IT-CE, an Economic Interest Grouping (EIG) of Groupe BPCE, the 2nd largest banking group in France, employs more than 1300 people. This EIG develops and maintains MySys, the information system used by the Caisses d’Épargne, Crédit Foncier de France and Crédit Coopératif in particular.

The MySYS IS players are spread over 11 sites in France. IT-CE wished to acquire a tool for managing customer relations with MySys IS users and called on Partenor Digital to meet this need for the integration of the Simplicité low-code platform.

The attractiveness of the tool lies mainly in the fact that it is largely configurable by the customer’s hand, which is the advantage of a low-code platform. It’s flexible, scalable and user friendly!

The application allows us to support the business process from end to end. We can trace all our exchanges to improve our customer knowledge and capitalize on it on a daily basis.
Also, we have moved to an automated and historical management of exchange workflow and information traceability: no more manual reminders by email and telephone! This has enabled us to greatly improve the responsiveness and efficiency of our teams on a daily basis.
Moreover, thanks to the great flexibility of the platform and the reactivity of the partners, we know that we will be able to enrich our application over time with great flexibility.

Finally, beyond the technical side of the project, we highly appreciated the team spirit of the integrator Partenor Digital and the editor of the Simplicité platform with whom the exchanges were always constructive and the reactivity beyond expectations.


Business Development Director, Groupe BPCE


  • Equip the EIG’s employees with a Customer Relationship Management tool that is tailor-made and adapted to all uses/terminals (responsive).
  • Capitalize on customer knowledge to be more efficient, more flexible, more responsive.
  • Manage our meetings with our customers (CRM).
  • This project is the result of collective work carried out with the GIE’s employees as part of the “IT-CE 2020” strategic project to improve user satisfaction.
  • Support the Management of the Customer Service Offer (Catalogue).


Develop in agile within 3 months a CRM that covers a wide scope:

Customer Knowledge
User identity card and 360° vision, history of all our interactions with customers …

Client meetings
Follow-up and piloting of exchanges with automation of commercial reminders, management of agendas…

Service Offerings
Support to the catalogue of services, provision of existing and future services to sales representatives,…

Operational management of the commercial activity – Customer information sheets – Follow-ups – Dashboards…

Upstream of the project:
Production of a POC in 4 weeks for validation of the choice of the tool.
Validation of the technical compatibility of the Simplicité® platform with the IT-CE Information System.
Validation of the appropriation by IT-CE employees of the methods and concepts of use of the Simplicité platform.

Results / Solutions

A flexible platform adapted to the needs of the business, in rapid response to new business requirements.

Relationship of trust established very early on between Partenor Digital, the publisher Simplicité and IT-CE.

Deadlines and budgets respected.

Agile mode with end-user involvement.

Final product in line with users’ expectations.