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NextiraOne is a company specializing in the integration of communications solutions and services. NextiraOne is the independent leader in the integration and management of digital business flows. Thanks to a network of 80 partners in more than 110 countries, NextiraOne offers international support while combining online services on national platforms and local sales and technical teams.


As part of its business, NextiraOne offers its customers the implementation of WAN-type solutions. The NxO WAN activity is managed in a non-industrial way on the basis of an office-type instrumentation (.xls file). The challenge here is to set up an application to streamline processes, avoid errors and duplicates, secure access, and get good control. 


Accompany and set up a specialized Information System to cover the key Delivery, Build and Run milestones.

Accelerate and automate treatments.

Share information and present it clearly. 

Industrialize business processes. 

Solution Simplicité


SI customized delivery / build / run management for the group.

Unification of the 2 Information Systems in place.

Opening the application securely to customers and partners.