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French joint petroleum service (SEA) aimed to provide fuel support to all the French armed forces wherever they might be committed, through a rapid respond reaction and an accurate quality control over any delivered product, in compliance with the friendly environmental rules.
SEA is in charge of supplying, storing, transporting and delivering the fuels and miscellaneous chemicals for the French forces or even multinational or allied forces might it be in France or overseas.
The SEA could also be brought in, under critical circumstances, related to the general interest for the benefit of private or public beneficiaries.


In accordance with the French POL digital evolution policy combined to the IT system improvement, the French POL main headquarter IT system department needs to be prepared for a quicker response to duty requirements and higher innovations in IT systems through build acceleration setup and run launching.



In order to be both more reactive and productive, the French POL IT structure is to be involved in DevOps concept aiming to a simple, flexible, predictable and easy using product known as the “Simplicité” platform. This software highly stimulates the IT system in processing the business requirements and shortening the Build/Run deadlines while clearing the IT shadow.

 Simplicité Solution

The operational using concept has been approved further to an initial dedicated application developed by Simplicité Software for the IT system department. This application is designed to drive its project portfolio while pushing forward strong points such as :


To harmonize and to centralize projects tracking and IT systems in order to optimize time and productivity.

To turn open informations into reliable and reinforced informations with mails statements as steps go forward.

To improve the communication flow and the experiences feedbacks specially related to cross pattern projects.


To get project managers and applications managers more involved.


To optimize and secure the project driving and the risks control policies.

Since for, three developers from the French POL had been trained out on the Simplicité software platform.
Now, a part of some internal software project developments rests on this platform.
Therefore, the French POL IT system department benefits from higher response ability while having improved connections in between skills.