Architecture repository, SI & Software Asset Management (SAM) 

separated IT system smoothly


worldwide users

Weeks of agile iterative time


Alstom has established itself in France as the benchmark for urban, regional and mainline rail transport. Alstom is a pillar of the railway industry in France, a major partner of the agglomerations, the French regions, and operators such as SNCF and RATP. 


Alstom Group’s CIO, and more particularly the IT system architect and urbanization department, wanted to have a single global repository to manage its assets, which represent 50 data centers, 4,000 applications, 10,000 servers, 90,000 users and More than 100,000 licenses. Moreover, this need for complete control of the IT system was given high priority in the context of the acquisition of the Energy business of Alstom by General Electric, since it was necessary very quickly to be able to “separate” the IT system Transport from the IT systemEnergy . 


To constitute the single and centralized SI repository on the basis of the IT system repositories dispersed between the different branches of the group.

Streamline IT system costs (applications, infrastructure) and increase ITSM efficiency.

Take advantage of this repository to address the management of licenses (SAM – Software Asset Management).

Set up a fast, cost-effective and scalable DevOps solution 

We had hitherto scattered references between the different branches of the group which gave a fragmented view of the information system. (…) We were looking for a simple, fast, agile and inexpensive development solution. It’s the case. The result is an evolutionary tool, shared by all. It is today our best tool to delimit the fusion of IT with General Electric and the separation of Alstom Transport.

Jean-Marc Jaillet

Global Enterprise Architect, DSI Alstom

With Simplicité, we design a data model. We simply create objects that are linked together. For example, a server object is graphically linked to an environment, that is, a prod, pre-prod, and so on. The data model is drawn in the tool and the tool generates all the data entry HMIs. We thought the idea was excellent. The construction of the model is almost totally graphic then the generation of the screens is automatic. On the rights management side, there is no development to be carried out if desired. 

Laurent Giraud

Enterprise Chief Architect, DSI Alstom

Solution Simplicité


Modeling the Group IS and creating the repository in Simplicity

"Full cloud" architecture (private)

Developing agile fashion by successive iterations

Interconnection with Big Data tool allowing to have a complete and extremely detailed view of all the IT system and its use ("parsing" of server logs)