Store your belongings outside your home without having to travel

Connexions front-end IHM : wordpress, Android and IOS

Connected IS: transport, storage, partner

Connectors: online payment and open data

Background information

Apartments in large European cities such as Paris are expensive and tend to be small.They are almost always cluttered by things that are rarely used.From this observation was born Lofty but, Lofty quésaco?

The project is part of a process of induced innovation.Like Uber, the service surfs on the appetite for “hyperservice” and the trivialization of the use of the smartphone to simplify its life.Lofty allows its customers to control their business through the smartphone and save valuable m2 of storage and living space in urban areas.

We used Sotware Simplicité to have our web application which allows us to request, receive and send back to the warehouse storage boxes for individuals who lack space at home to store everything. Develop everything internally? There was a stock removal module, a logistics tracking module, a receipt module, a status change and stock management module, a payment module etc…. all this developed a thousand times. Rather than reinventing the wheel, Simplicité built the data module for us and organized around it the different modules already developed by them to have a 100% operational system in a few months. It’s fast, robust and very complete. Best of all, the Simplicité Software team has always been highly available for improvements and changes in real time. This ApaaS service really deserves to be evaluated. We are very happy with it.

Cedric Naintre

CEO, Lofty Paris

Background information

Create a tailor-made service from scratch, including many technical interactions, a major challenge! Aimed primarily at residents of large urban centres, the Lofty service must be able to provide:

  • logistics management,
  • storage management (short term, long term)
  • customer management (CRM),
  • management of subscriptions, invoicing, payments, etc.

It is therefore a tailor-made service that must be able to adapt to the changes in the stratup that it aims to export to Europe. All the elements that make up the service must be interoperable depending on the country of establishment: change of carriers, storage location, etc. .

Simplicité Solutions / Objectives 

Set up an agile and scalable back-office supporting all the company’s activities (delivery, order taking, sending SMS,…).

Connect the Simplicité backoffice with the APIs allowing to manage the front-end part on wordpress.

Connect the Simplicité back office with the APIs for mobile applications on the “Android” and “Apple” stores.

Benefit from a flexible tool that can evolve according to the startup’s needs.

Development of the platform with Simplicité Software, data recovery for logistics management.

Interfacing with a front office developed with WordPress.

Configuring the application for managing customer accounts.