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The General Secretariat for the Modernization of Public Action (SGMPA) is a service of the French Prime Minister which accompanies the Government in the implementation of the reform of the State and supports the administrations in their modernization projects. It encourages public actors to take ownership of new ways of designing and conducting public policies.


Implement a system accessible, centralized and shared by all the actors of the State at the heart of the digital transformation of the Administration. To integrate the new measures of the “Marianne charter “and to remain evolutionary to adapt the tool to future developments, see opening up, in the long term, measuring the quality of services directly to users.


Have a turnkey application, hosted on the state cloud, available to all institutional players and allowing an accurate measurement of the quality of service to the user.

Reporting and proposing improvements to better meet citizens’ expectations, adapt to changes in usage.

Improve the quality of service through tooling, but also through training and support for a strong involvement of agents in relation to users.


The team was very responsive and helpful. Simplicité Software provided a powerful and reliable tool to build our platform : overall a very positive experience. Icare LE BLANC

National manager of the Marianne repository, SGMAP



Creating a unified, customized application that is accessible to everyone in cloud-based and scalable mode

Back-Office: creation of evaluation rules, management of rights, processes, creation of questionnaires

Front-office: Displays results on a simplified table for a quick visualization of its quality of service level, its axes of progress and practical advice