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Background Information

The General Secretariat for the Modernisation of Public Action (SGMAP) is an office of the Prime Minister that supports the Government in the implementation of State reform and supports administrations in their modernisation projects. It encourages public actors to take ownership of new ways of designing and implementing public policies

The main added value of the tool is that it is a first step towards the implementation of a one-stop shop in France and the digitisation of all administrative procedures. It is the transition from manual operation, by hyper-partitioned knowledge silos, to intelligent, agile and decompartmentalized operation.

Anne-Laure Fréant

Fonder of retourenfrance.fr


In July 2015, the Prime Minister entrusted Clotilde Valter, Secretary of State for State Reform and Simplification, with the task of steering the implementation of the recommendations for simplifying the process of returning French nationals from abroad to France, which were presented by Senator Hélène Conway-Mouret in her report dated 21 July 2015. Simplicité supported the SGMAP in putting online a tool allowing French people abroad to access information on their rights and the administrative procedures that should mark out their return journeys.


To allow French people abroad to easily know their procedures, rights and obligations relating to their return to France.

To have a flexible and agile solution to adapt it to changes and new laws in force.

Provision of a dedicated website offering a simple and intuitive user experience.

Projet retour en France

Simplicité Solution

Use the Simplicité platform for business rules and the logical flow of back-office questions.

Iterative process with SGMAP throughout the project’s progress, from project launch to production launch 1 month

6 administrations involved in the project.