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Background information

French joint petroleum service (SEA) aimed to provide fuel support to all the French armed forces wherever they might be committed, through a rapid respond reaction and an accurate quality control over any delivered product, in compliance with the friendly environmental rules.
SEA is in charge of supplying, storing, transporting and delivering the fuels and miscellaneous chemicals for the French forces or even multinational or allied forces might it be in France or overseas.
The SEA could also be brought in, under critical circumstances, related to the general interest for the benefit of private or public beneficiaries.

We have obtained the tool we wanted: tailor-made, integrated, scalable and cost-effective.

Bertrand Bonnemains



As part of the digital transformation of the SEA and the maturing of its information system (IT), the “IT” office of the Central Directorate (DCSEA) wishes to be able to respond more quickly to functional needs, inject innovation into the IT and accelerate its developments (Build) and their implementation (Run).


The Army Fuel Department wishes to transform its IT organization to improve responsiveness and productivity using a DevOps platform.

The objective is to benefit from a simple, practical, modular and controlled product. The Simplicity platform makes it possible to boost the processing of business needs and shorten Build / Run deadlines, thereby eliminating shadow IT.

Simplicité Solution

The development by Simplicité Software of a first application dedicated to the IT office to manage its portfolio of projects and services delivered validated the platform’s usage concept, while bringing the following advances:


Harmonization and centralization of project and IS monitoring in service, to optimize time and improve productivity.

Reliability and consolidation of easily accessible information, with email alerts for milestones.

Improvement of communication and information feedback flows, particularly for cross-functional projects.

Accountability of project managers and application managers.

Optimization and security of the risk management and control policy.

Three SEA developers are now trained on the platform, and autonomous on the product. The ASP IS office thus bases part of its internal developments on the platform, gaining in reactivity, while having a better “link” with the business lines.