TDF uses Simplicité to manage all its HR processes

cheaper than a conventional solution


months of delays per agile iteration

months of delays per agile iteration


Background information

TDF is a digital and audiovisual company with a multi-format, multi-media wireless platform to manage and distribute its customers’ video, audio and data content to all types of receivers. With its 10,100 sites, ultra-high speed network, technical platforms and know-how developed over decades, TDF ensures the broadcasting of the 35 DTT channels and 900 FM radios as well as the deployment of the networks of the 4 national mobile telephone operators.


As a result of specific agreements between management and the social partners relating to the annual interviews of employees, as well as the management of increases, bonuses and training, the challenge has been to instrument these processes Too specific to “enter” easily in the HR software package already in place on the IT system.


Cover 100% of past agreements.


Do not disrupt the master HR process, but integrate it perfectly by “hanging” the results of the subprocesses directly to the existing software package. 

Support and adapt to current HR milestones.

Solution Simplicité

An application Simplicité independent of the HR software package master and guarantor of the business sub-processes HR (maintenance, bonuses, increase, career plan, training plan).

A perfect integration with the permanent information system and having allowed a change of HR software package without questioning the sub-processes.

An application aimed at all the business players respecting the constraints of confidentiality: HR managers, managers, managers, collaborators.